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提问 同学家长们好,我以CSSA的名义在5/20通过邮件方式向学校转达中国留学生及家长的诉求,邮件要点如下: 1. 因为中美航线限制政策,很多同学可能无法按时回校,签证状态也会受影响,学校能否提供一些帮助? 2. 如果新学期依然采用线上授课,受时差影响,学校能否帮助确认每位中国学生都能收到上课录屏? 3. 部分美国大学如康奈尔 、里海,新学年采用了和中国大学(清北复交)合作办学的方式,维克在新学年是否也有可能为中国学生提供类似选项? 4. “我想代表所有中国学生及父母感谢疫情期间学校为我们所做的一切,从对我们的照顾和情感支持到提供餐饮和住宿。在这个特殊时期离家如此遥远,对我们来说无疑是充满了未知与挑战,但是维克给了我们最贴心和周到的关怀。很难用语言形容我们的感谢及感恩之情,我们为自己是维克森林的一员感到自豪。“ 回复 今天(6/4)收到了ISSS(国际学生中心)的答复,内容如下: 1.针对第一个问题,学校表明意识到很多国际学生不能入境美国,正在讨论方法和政策可以让无法返美的学生正常接受远程教育。正在讨论中的计划包含了对课程形式和授课时间的考虑,以支持国际学生在不同时区的需求。 !!!目前美国国土安全局表明会为需留在美国境外上网课的学生破例,学校称目前可以保证大家即使在中国上课签证也是有效的。如果情况有变,ISSS会及时与国际学生进行沟通。 2. 如果秋季学校不进行面对面授课或者国际学生无法正常赴美,学校都有正在讨论中的相关政策以协助课程形式和时间安排。学校的领导层也正在进一步改善远程教学。 3. 如果中国学生无法返美,学校有义务并且会致力于寻找可以让学生继续学业的方法,其中与中国教育机构合作是在考虑当中的。 4. 最后学校表示感谢CSSA向学校表明中国学生立场及担忧,也感谢我们的感恩之情。 英文邮件: Hello Weihan, I hope you are doing well. Thank you very much for outreaching to ISSS on behalf of CSSA and the Chinese community at Wake Forest. Thank you for your kind words regarding the support you have received. I have answered your three main questions listed below. First of all, if students cannot return to campus on time or not be able to return at all, is it possible to provide options that will permit students to complete their fall semester courses remotely? Will that affect their Visa status in anyways? - I have personally been involved in planning discussions and conversations regarding the fall semester. It is understood that our international students may not be able to return to campus and the university is working to ensure that you will be able to continue your studies remotely. There are several plans being discussed to also assist with the format and timing of courses to support international students being able to access courses during appropriate hours per their timezone. Currently, the Department of Homeland Security provides exceptions for continuing students who have to remain overseas but enroll in courses online. So far we have permission to leave your visa status as active. If this exception changes the ISSS team will communicate with our international students. Secondly, if the school did not end up delivering in-person instruction for the fall semester as expected and we are still applying remote learning, will all the classes provide recordings for international students since there is a 12-hour difference in time zone? -  Yes, if WFU is not delivering in-person instruction or if international students are not able to return to campus, there are several plans being discussed to also assist with the format and timing of courses to support international student access to courses. WFU leadership is working to improve remote instruction. Thirdly, a lot of schools like Lehigh, Cornell, and Franklin & Marshall have announced that they are going to design programs in partnership with universities in China like Shanghai Jiao Tong University and Tsinghua University so that students who are not able to come back to the States may complete the Fall 2020 semester in China. Will the board conduct conversations regarding these possibilities? -    If Chinese students are unable to return to campus, the university is committed to finding ways for them to continue their semester coursework which may include possible partnerships with educational program providers in China.  I hope this information is helpful. Please continue to share your questions and concerns with us and we will work to get you the answers that you need. Please know that we value you and appreciate all that you bring to WFU. Sincerely, Kelia 撰稿:CSSA公关部--Weihan

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